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I'm done...

Posted by SlushiePop - September 28th, 2023

Man I'm pissed peeved possibly pooped idk y’all my art just ain't it I know I can do better but when it's "finished" I step back and I'm like ..*vomit* anyone else feel like that? I wanna try different styles but can put them on paper (or digital screen) it's sooooooo pissing me off AHHHHHHHH!!!

:) Anyways Who should I do A QnA with first? Me or should I choose some Ocs to make a poll?

God I'm so done..



I would do your self first, then move onto you OC's it you feel like it.

I can only partially understand your problem. I've looked at her work and think it's pretty good. Maybe it helps to try something new and ideally approach it with NO assumptions and maybe a certain amount of self-confidence.

and just because it has a bad effect on you NOW, that can change massively tomorrow or at another time.

It can also help if you simply draw things that cheer you on and encourage you without any pressure

предлагаю купить себе что то :0

you need jesus in your life

Pray to God and everything is gonna be alright

Happens, we're our own worst critic. Don't put yourself down over failures, just learn from them, keep the drawings you failed, and try again.
And it's often difficult drawing in a style you're not used to, you haven't gotten the tricks and habits yet, and probably have the ones from your usual style, so it's a bit of a roadblock.
And as always, don't frustrate yourself over it, if you can't do it, take a break, draw something you enjoy instead. You can always try again later.

aww man I know how that feels, I'm sorry

Somethin that has helped me when I feel like that is stepping back from tryin to produce stylized, finished arts, and focus on doin things that work out your technical skills. Yknow, like studyin anatomy and colors n whatnot. It could totally help you feel more confident, and who knows, you might come out of it being able to draw somethin you couldnt before! :)

Please don't dwell on it, take a lil break n treat yourself to somethin nice. Also your arts super good don't even say it isnt!

Also to answer the question, do the qna with you, that would be neat